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Valentine LLP | We Put Companies Together.
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We are a lobbying and consulting agency committed to outcomes. 


Increasing partnerships between major organizations and historically disadvantaged firms is what we do best. We work closely with small enterprises to provide insight and present opportunities to grow on the road ahead.


Helping clients to achieve and adhere to their mission is the mission of Valentine & Partners.
We consider our clients family: your growth is our growth, and together, we will ensure your company scales properly, through partnerships and investment, while remaining lean and responsive to market needs and demands. We are focused on the big picture: our primary commitment is to ensure our clients maintain long-term success and stability. We are equity and inclusion in action. We are Valentine & Partners.


Our philosophy can be understood by three simple rules rooted in the wisdom of the ancestors. These three adinkra symbols and their meanings encompass our firm’s business processes and everything we do:




Working hard in the initial phase will ensure harmony in the long run. We will make your company attractive to customers, investors, and key stakeholders.




We will painstakingly introduce you to other clients and investors, build partnerships, and foster relationships. Our connections are our asset, and will become yours.




All the work we put in, we put in for life. Our clients know that our commitment to their success makes us work around-the-clock. When you win, we all win.


Still thinking of that next big idea? Check out the latest report curated by Valentine & Partners, LLP.


These are the business opportunities we love for 2017. Peruse through the adjacent interactive document, or Click here to Download.


We are only as strong as the relationships we have helped sow. Smaller companies are our life source, together we provide value to these leading larger organizations with many more to come, às̩e̩: